Experts Divide over the Use of Male Hormones to Cure Sexual Desire Disorder

Do you know someone who suffers low sex desire or do you experience it yourself? If so, you must be lacking male sex hormones or you have low testosterone level. A decline in testosterone level will deactivate men’s sexual life. This happens when men age over the years. Studies show that male sex hormones naturally depletes as they grow older.

Sexual desire disorder pertains to low sexual drive within a long period of time.It has grown more serious as days pass by.Experts are alarmed of this outraging problem that’s why they come up with creating several alternatives for low testosterone treatments.  However, experts divide over the use of male hormones to cure sexual desire disorder.

Symptoms of Male Sexual Desire Disorder

Male sexual desire disorder is characterized by less horny thoughts and low sex activities or none at all. If you experience these symptoms for six months or longer and you are struggling with long agony, then you probably have sexual desire disorder.

Causes of Male Sexual Desire Disorder

I will give you some ideain order to avoid sexual desire disorder. There are many factors that promote this condition. Suffering from certain health ailments, having a negative outlook over sexuality, erectile dysfunction, hyperprolactinemia, and being aloof are just few of several factors that can develop male sexual desire disorder.

How to Treat Sexual Desire Disorder?

Treating sexual desire disorder can be done through psychotherapy or pharmacotherapy.  Psychotherapy aims to generate patients’ suppressed consciousness during their childhood and the effect of these unresolved conflicts up to their present situation.On the other side, pharmacotherapy is focused on treating sexual desire disorder by replacement of multiple hormones like androgen, estrogen, and other related hormones.

Why do experts argue over the use of male hormones to cure sexual desire disorder?

Medical experts have found out that numerous hormones can treat sexual desire disorder. However, comparing the results of different medical studies caused a dispute on the issue of allowing male hormones to treat sexual desire disorder. The main reason why there are opposed to making male hormones as an alternative solution is the lack of efficacy as per result of failed studies or experiments. Not all physicians are confident to recommend replacing male hormones to treat sexual desire disorder because they can’t afford to take the risks of failing their patients.


Low testosterone treatment can be done by choosing from the wide variety of options. Taking medications or using the best test boosters like testogen can be an effective remedy for this problem if you think replacement of male hormones won’t work for you. You must visit this page to find few more top testosterone boosters.

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